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The Arizona Girls’ Athletic Foundation (AGAF) is a nonprofit, 501 (C) (3) public charity that provides girls ages 7-18 in the Phoenix metro-area the opportunity to participate in sports programs regardless of their athletic or financial abilities. AGAF wants to help girls discover their inner and outer strengths so they may grow into confident and successful young women.

Did You Know That Girls Who Participate In Sports Are:Young Girl In Football Team

  • Less likely to drop out of high school.
  • More likely to go to graduate from college.
  • Less likely to abuse drugs.
  • Have more confidence and self-esteem than non-athletes.
  • Score higher on tests designed to gauge positive body image.
  • Less likely to suffer from depression.
  • More likely to leave an abusive relationship.
  • At reduced risk of illnesses such as obesity, osteoporosis, cancer, and heart disease.
  • More likely to succeed in the workplace, as sports teach girls life skills such as teamwork, goal-setting, pursuit of excellence in performance and other achievement-oriented behaviors.

Recent Posts

AGAF’s 6th Amazing Year

As AGAF’s 6th year is coming to a close in June, we wanted to share with you some of AGAF’s amazing accomplishments:

  • AGAF has provided volleyball programs to over 9,197 girls since September 2011.
  • The AGAF Serve It Forward Scholarship Program has provided over 205 scholarships for over $30,530 in scholarships to cover league registration fees for families in need.AGAF Volleyball Photos
  • AGAF has donated $4,000 to the Virginia G. Piper Cancer for Breast Cancer Research
  • AGAF donated over 1 ton  of food and over $1,680 to the PV Emergency Food Bank
  • AGAF donated over $500 to the Women’s Sports Foundation, which helps create female leaders by ensuring girls access to sports.
  • AGAF provided over $900 worth of personal care items and $450 to the Chrysalis (www.noabuse.org) shelter for domestic violence victims.
  • AGAF worked with Chrysalis to provides domestic violence prevention programs to over 65 teens and their families.